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NEW: Art of Embracing Life is the sponsor of Keynote Speakers for TOTAL FREEDOM - Consciousness Liberation Retreat in November 2016.
Art of Embracing Life (AoEL) is pleased to announce a new phase in it's development and mission toward being a vehicle to help everyone fully realize and imbibe the interconnectedness of all beings, both sentient and non-sentient. AoEL now also offers services by many talented individuals by donation.

Our growing NETWORK of VOLUNTEER PRACTITIONERS includes: Franka Fiala (Holographic Alignment, Hypnotherapy, Awareness Meditation), Swami Sachchidanand Paramahansa (Enlightened Master), Dayna Martin (Peaceful Parenting, Radical Unschooling, Natural Childbirth), Scott Holtzman (Vibrational Medicine, Holographic Alignment, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Classes), and others.

THANK YOU for your donations, which guarantee that we may continue offering our many free and discounted services for the benefit of ALL! We appreciate YOUR SUPPORT and look forward to seeing you at any of our events!

 As we are assisting more people in making wonderful changes in their lives and saving the incoming funds for special educational events that further empower YOU to live the healthiest, happiest life possible, we would love to hear from you!
Please, share your wish lists as far as self-empowering educational events you would like to attend with us and we will take them into consideration when planning ahead!

Contact us by

E-Mail: artofembracinglife@gmail.com

Phone: 787-831-0558 (Puerto Rico) or 917-213-1014 (New York)


Hypnosis is essentially a psycho-physiological state of aroused, attentive, receptive focal concentration with a corresponding diminution in peripheral awareness (Spiegel & Spiegel 1978).

Founded by Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Trainer, Franka Fiala, Art of Embracing Life Inc. is a non-profit healing center for retreat offering Vibrational Medicine, Multi-Dimensional Alignment, Holographic Alignment Cellular Cleanses, individualized Hypnotherapy Sessions, Hypnotherapy Education and Certification Seminars in Professional Hypnotherapy and Holographic Alignment.

Art of Embracing Life is a non profit organization determined to bring more awareness and education to self-healing modalities and therapies, including, but not limited to Professional Hypnotherapy, Vibrational Medicine, Arts, Permaculture, and children's education.

We are located in the lush mountains of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The natural environment greatly benefits our healing program retreat and visitors both from far and close-by have commented on the peaceful environment and closeness with nature creating an ideal atmosphere both for healing and learning. If you are interested in staying at our healing retreat in Puerto Rico as a guest or student, please contact us at artofembracinglife@gmail.com

To enquire about hypnotherapy sessions and hypnotherapy certification seminars, please call 787-831-0558 or 917-213-1014.

We look forward to sharing with you the "Art of Embracing Life"!

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Professional Hypnotherapy Certification 

International Association of Counselors & Therapist (IACT)
Basic and Advanced Course Professional Hypnotherapy
Holographic Alignment Specialist Certification
400 Contact Hours
 November 2016 -  June 2017
2 weeks In-Person Intensive
Online Video Classes
2 weeks In-Person Intensive
Online Video Classes & Final Assessments



This practical course contains the history of hypnosis, the oldest techniques and modern trance induction, interviews and counselling, NLP, therapies used in professional hypnotherapy, techniques for regression to childhood, womb and past lives as well as Parts Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Multidimensional Alignment, Life-Between-Lives Therapy, Spirtual Hypnotherapy, Ericksonisn Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnosis, Forensic Hypnosis, Medical and Dentistry Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis Techniques, Hypnotherapy for Highly Intuitive Children, Theory and Practice of Intuitive and Vibrational Medicine and Holographic Alignment.

Be the change in the world!

Space is limited to 5 Students.

For more information and to setup an initial evaluation, call  787-831-0558 !




 Be the Miracle You're Meant to Be!


  •  Eliminate Fears, Phobias, Anxieties
  • Transform Sadness & Grief into Creative Energy
  • Ease Your Dis-Ease / Balance Auto-Immune Disorders / Crave Healthy Foods / Develop Your Own Intuition
  • Achieve Your Goals / Time Management / Stop Procrastinating
  • Gain concentration and retrieve memory easily
  • Heal Your Past
  • Connect to your true unique self
  • Sleep Better & Relax Instantly
  • Spiritual Hypnosis / Past Life Therapy / Life In-Between Lives / Future Lives
  • Enjoy Co-Commitment (rather than co-dependency) in Your Relationships
  • Find Your true life purpose

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Hypnosis IS...

A natural state of heightened sensory awareness, where the conscious mind(judging, analytical, deciding) is by-passed and the subconscious mind (the emotional, reflective mind - where ALL CHANGE TAKES PLACE) is being given positive suggestions in order to create permanent positive change. 

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful modality and can literally change one's life for the better in a couple of hours!


Hypnosis IS NOT:


Loss of consciousness (you remember everything and you are aware of everything important to you)


Mind control (complete isolation, a monotonous sound like chanting or a water drop and REM sleep deprivation are needed to achieve mind control)


Mysterious (it is a very natural state and we are all constantly going in and out of hypnosis)


Dangerous (nobody has ever been injured because of hypnosis) 








THANK YOU for your donations, which guarantee that we may continue offering our many free and discounted services for the benefit of ALL! We appreciate YOUR SUPPORT and look forward to seeing you at any of our events! 


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